Of endings and beginnings

I received a copy of Dark Shaman Awakening. It’s real, was my first thought. Lynx and Laurel Raven’s adventures and battle against the Dark Shaman have begun. My own adventure as a writer has come full circle, book 1 is done, but book 2 has just begun.

It got me thinking about reading a good adventure and that conflicted feeling I get as a reader. On the one hand I can’t wait for the story to move forward to find out what happens, yet at the same time there’s that nagging thought in the back of my head that once I reach the end, the adventure will be over. At times I find myself so vested in the story that when I look up from the written words I’m surprised that the vivid imagery playing in my head goes blank. I greedily pick up the trail again scanning the next words so that the imagery of the story can resume. It’s the same when I write, I’m living the story. I suppose in a way it is time travel. My mind is experiencing a different time and reality.

I hope the adventures of Lynx and Laurel Raven as they navigate in strange new worlds facing dangers and challenges makes you a time traveler. Nodyynia and the Guardians’ world are calling, stay a while.

N.H. Fennecus


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