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If a blog falls and no one hears it

Did it make a noise? Without a thud or a reverberation, a comment or a like, does a story exist? Telling stories implies there is an audience, a readership, those who listen and share the experience. Without readers, stories are just monologues, cathartic to the writer, but are they stories?

Readers are vital to storytelling. What if no one reads my book? What follows is more gut wrenching. What if someone reads it and the story doesn’t resonate? Indifference might just be worse than someone hating the story. At least if they hate it, something in the story made them react.

If a story falls and there is no one upon whom it makes an impact, it crashes in piercing silence onto a needle carpet littered with a forest of dead stories and blogs.


About N. H. Fennecus

N.H. Fennecus lives near Boston, Massachusetts. The author has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master of Library Science Degree from the University at Albany, New York. When not writing, N. H. Fennecus can be found skiing or hiking the majestic Green Mountains of Vermont.

One response to “If a blog falls and no one hears it

  1. M. R. Wawa ⋅

    how touching! Blog, you just need to stand on your feet and fight to prove who you are, when there is a strong will felt within your lines, surely readers sharing the same kind of will, will be touched. Loved this piece.

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