Angsting: verb – nail-chewing, hair-pulling throes of anxiety

I propose this as a new dictionary entry in the interest of being authentic about what it feels like. Angst as a noun, a passive state of being, doesn’t do justice. I attended the Muse and the Marketplace conference for writers, this weekend in Boston. The most important lesson I learned was to stop angsting.
I usually work my way slowly into the cold spring waters of the lake, first the toes, ankles, knees and eventually with a final deep breath of courage I push off to swim. I’m an introvert, but so what, many writers are. Angsting over how to enter the scary world of social media is a waste of time. Energized by the conference, I will walk resolutely into the water and with an icy splash I will plunge in.
I had an idea to take pictures of a plush toy fennec fox (Fennecus zerda) reading my book, Dark Shaman Awakening, in locations that are scenic, related to the story, or inspire me. The ‘Reading Fennecus’ would, like any of us, get bored with just one book, so I will include other books in the pictorial reading log. I spent weeks, angsting about the merits of this idea. At the conference many of the presenters pointed out the obvious; don’t expect everyone to like and get what you’re doing, those who don’t will move on and those who do will stay and appreciate your work.
If you think this is a fun idea, please follow ‘Reading Fennecus’ on
I welcome comments and ideas for books that ‘Reading Fennecus’ should be pictured perusing.


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